RESTful WCF Web services, easily

I know I should know them better so I've been looking into WCF Web services, with a heavy lean towards an implementation based on REST principles.

After a good deal of research, where it was highly suggested that while ASP.NET MVC may make sense, WCF is still the way to go for Web services, I stumbled upon WCF WebHttp Services, which uses functionality released in .NET 4.

After a painless install via Visual Studio 2010's Extension Manager (more information), and troubleshooting a stupid mistake on my end, I was able to quickly create a Web service that uses an assembly I had created to parse one of my iTunes Playlists to Xml files and return a listing of tracks for a particular artist.

I am more than a little disappointed that it took months for me to find this, but the flexibility it allows, and the joy of working with it, makes up for it almost entirely.


10:04 P.M.: See also WCF Web HTTP Programming Model.