Resolutions - 28

I don't really believe in making New Year's resolutions, since it's something people do, knowing that they're going to fail at. In my opinion.

So, for my 28th, I'm doing something a little different, in that I'm declaring that I will continue to do what I've been doing, for a couple of key items.

No more soda

I've been off soda for a couple of months, and before that I was down to just one-ish a day. I will continue to stay away from soda. Since I don't drink alcohol either, that typically means water. Juice is okay, but I don't usually drink it. Sports drinks, in particular Gatorade, are my back-up.

Suggested serving size for chocolate, if that

When you're a kid, you'll eat as much chocolate as you can. When you're an adult, things aren't much different. I've cut back extremely on chocolate, and all sweets, and will continue to do so.

At least one new album purchase a month, by a group I don't already have

Ambitious this, but with iTunes the way it is, this should be completely possible. I'm going to strive to get an album by a group that I don't already have, but realize that I may slip. There's so much good music out there that I really should get to know.

Walk at least two miles a week

In Wisconsin our winters can get cold. Nonetheless, I want to make this a year-round deal. Thus far approximately once a week I've gone for a 1 mile walk, and want to continue to do so. I used to walk a lot during school (college and pre-) and when I lived downtown (both years), but have slacked off in the last couple of years. No more.

Write one thing a day

I'm not putting a size on this, but it must be something personal. Ideally, I'd like to record the year, so I can look back at the year and remember.