Quick review: Dominion Tank Police (1989)

I watched Dominion Tank Police this evening, from Netflix. It's four acts, each consisting of about 35 to 40 minutes of movie (which includes approximately 1 1/2 minutes of opening and ending credits.

What really attracted me to the movie was Masamune Shirow, who created not only this series, but also Appleseed (the newer one is more interesting than the original), Black Magic M-66 (which I haven't yet seen) and Ghost in the Shell (great movies and interesting shows).

All-in-all, I couldn't recommend Tank Police to someone that hasn't seen a movie in this genre before. However, if you'd seen a dozen or so of these previously, it's an interesting enough film, albeit a bit silly at times.

Unfortunately, the movie ends somewhat open, and rather confusingly at that. But, I think we can make some assumptions about what happened to one of the characters, as well as how the rest of the characters continue on.

I rated Dominion Tank Police four of five stars.