Playstation 3 and the Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Boardband Router

While I initially hooked up my Playstation 3 a week ago, when I was posting to the official PS forums today, my second post, I was doing so to recommend a version of the router I'm using. Since both items are pretty popular now, it makes sense to write up a quick guide on them, I suppose.

My equipment

First off, there's my setup. I've had pretty experiences with Linksys, but poor experiences with Netgear, so Linksys I am. I've got a BEFCMU10 Cable Modem connected to a WRT54G Wireless-G Broadband Router (Wireless-B and -G compatible).

The setup

My router can be configured at (the default).

I setup the wireless ( as follows:

  • Wireless Network Mode: Mixed
  • Wireless Channel: 6
  • Wireless SSID Broadcast: Disable
  • Security Mode: WEP
  • WEP Encryption: 64 bits 10 hex digits
  • other than a unique SSID, everything else should be defaults.
  • I did not have to do any port 'stuff' under "Applications & Gaming."

The Playstation 3 setup, with Wireless, went very smoothly. Since the router is in the same room, there's obviously 100% signal strength. While I haven't played Warhawk, I have downloaded a number of videos and demos, and have spent a deal of time surfing online. The download speeds are 'eh' but I don't know what speed it really is; files are downloading pretty quick (it would be nice to see an indication of download speeds).

I heard a number of things about the PS3 media server, so this is disabled on my machine.


Questions/comments on the router should be left below. Please refrain from comments focusing on the Playstation 3.


I neglected to list my download/upload speeds, according to

4.6 mb / 480 kb on my computer, but only 1.7 mb / 480 kb on my PS 3.