Planned updates for the next couple of days

Since I've got a couple more days worth of tutorials already written, and since things are now going relatively smoothly (I had a couple of problems with the MySQL implementation as a whole), I figured I would give an update to what I've been doing, and what I will be doing.

Tonight, I'll be posting the tutorial on getting PHP up and running.  Within a day, or maybe two, of doing that, I'll be walking through the installation of MySQL and phpMyAdmin.  The next tutorial will cover MySQL Administrator (and will closely follow the previous posting).

The other tutorials haven't been written yet, but I'm looking at something like the following order: Zend, ColdFusion, WordPress, AWStats, MagpieRSS, and a content management system (PHP-based).  The last two will probably be a number of days down the road, while certainly the first two, possibly three, will be by the end of next week.

Just an FYI, since I don't even have a very good table of contents for the tutorials I've been writing.  However, I will post something on the main page of, or the like.

Also, I just ordered a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS2 Classroom in a Book, direct from Adobe Press (at 30% of retail, how can you go wrong?).  That will probably result in me spending some time learning that, and working on doing some site modifications (such as adding the all-important image in my banner).

Of course, the problem is, now I've found a number of other books that I'd like to pick up at some point, and since I received two coupons for 35% off ... I guess there's no reason not to pick some more books up.

Just in case you want to donate to, the books I would pick up include (in something like this order):

Of course, after I read the Photoshop book, that might move the DW guide down a bit.  I'm not looking for certification, per se, but it would be nice to know that I could get certified if I wanted to.  (Honestly, I haven't spent any time looking, but it would be something nice to have on my resume, along with some certification in a programming language like PHP or CF.  But, that's for another time, and once I stop trying to be a jack, and instead a professional.)