Philosophy, Politics, and Law Final Prospectus

For my paper, I was going to attempt to answer what justice is. Obviously, Plato's Republic will be of use for this topic. Particularly his discussion with others, as well as how he thinks the state should be setup.

I'm not going to put any of Machiavelli's The Prince in my paper, because I wasn't too much of a fan of him, and he doesn't really go into what justice 'really' is.

Hobbes would be a good person to discuss, in relation to the contract and such. Also, Locke would be good to discuss as well, since, in my opinion, Hobbes and Locke are pretty closely related (in what they talk about, not what they prescribe to).

I like Kant, and think that what he says will be relevant to the paper. However, depending on how much the others take, I might not include Kant, but I'm leaning towards including him.

I was not planning on including Hegel, nor Marx. I wasn't going to include Hegel because I have problems with his theory. I wasn't planning on using Marx because it's more about the revolution of the working classes - the complete overthrow of the current system with no middle ground - then about what is just. Foucault and Nussbaum were probably not going to be included either, because we haven't gotten to them yet - and I had never heard of them before this class - and I'd like to have a firm grasp on them before I started writing on them.

So, that's what I was planning. I see justice and rights going pretty much hand in hand, so, I was planning on discussing rights and how it worked in.


Created: November 27th 2002
Modified: February 13th 2004