Persona 4 pre-order goody = wow

Mustn't ... look ... too ... closely ... (already ruined one surprise)

Atlus certainly out-did themselves this time, with the Persona 4 pre-order goody. While I was expecting the "Visual Data" bonus to be large enough to fit behind the game's case, like the Persona 3 bonus, this one is actually graphic novel sized.

Very nice Atlus, very nice.

And, with reviews like this, looks like we can expect a Persona 5 in the near future.

Now it's just a question of what the soundtrack is like ... but I'm too hesitant to pop that in before I start playing.

1+ hours of text and video before gameplay, here I come! (As soon as the guide gets here, of course :D) (Unless I really won't get it until next Monday. Come Saturday evening, I'm popping it in.)