Persona 3 Shuffle trick

I've spent a couple of hours, the last couple of days, playing Persona 3 (Playstation 2). After winning certain battles, you can get a 'shuffle' mode of two or three cards (at least, as far as I've gotten).

So, you see what the cards are, they turn over, and then they're shuffled. They are all usually good, but just to different degrees; for example, you might already have what one of the card would give, and you've been getting real crap for what another card would give, ... and there's also the odd card, every once in a while, that actually is fairly bad.

Anywho, I've determined that there is a system to it.

For two cards, if they shuffle slowly, the cards will just be switched around; the first card will now be the second, and vice versa.

For two cards, if they shuffle fast, the cards will be in the same spots as when they started.

I'm only near the end of May, and have just started into block 2, but it seems to be working thus far.

There seems to be a similar system for three cards as well - they move one to the right for some shuffle, I think ...

So, I obviously need to figure that out as well, but ... it's a start.