Paranoia Agent Prophetic Vision Comparisons

The following is a comparison of the English-spoken and English-subtitled Prophetic Vision segments of Paranoia Agent. An analysis of said segments may will be included in this article, or in a future article.

Where differences are present, the text is parenthesized, along with either -s or -e; -s means that the text is present in the subtitles, but not the spoken version, while -e means that the language is present in the spoken version, but not in the subtitles.

If someone would care to point out big differences between either English version and the true Japanese, I would be grateful.

Differences are only available for those episodes I have watched, which are listed below. A 'full' update history is available at the end of this page.

DVD/Episode listing

Episode 1 - Prophetic Vision (for The Golden Shoes)

To begin (with -s), a rabbit jumps behind the moon.

What is it that the black rabbit sees on the horizon with his (big -e) red eyes?

A fish on the land has trouble when he's stepped on by cows.

The playful palace where the butterfly dances (fades -s)(vanishes -e) away.

(In the -s)(At -e) twilight, the (case is started accidentally by the cow -s)(cow starts it by chance -e), and (it will contine to do more good -s)(the goodness continues -e).

The golden fox grins at you.

Then ...

Episode 2 - Prophetic Vision (for Double Lips)

To begin (with -s), a (convolvulus -s)(morning glory -e) who lives in an ivory tower dreams every night of being a kaleidoscope.

The bloodsucker sucked the swallowtail.

She is torn off(, -s)(and -e) ripped up and broken.

Two lips are floating around (in -s) the dark of night.

The golden shoes will answer your call.

You see a ferry boat far (on -s)(in -e) the equinox.

(Well -s)(Then -e) ...

Episode 3 - Prophetic Vision (for A Man's Path)

To begin (with -s), (you hear -s) the (beautiful -s) sound of a bell from a noble temple.

But it won't work on a leech's (deaf -e) ears.

After the Arabian Nights end, (he stands up -s) every time he (stands up, he -e) is beaten.

The golden fox cries (only -e) once.

The (great -e) warrior gets on a (horse -s)(noble steed -e) and passes through the broadband.

(Well -s)(And then -e) ...

Episode 4 - Prophetic Vision (for The Holy Warrior)

To begin (with -s), guided by the (light beams -e) red rays, the road that divides the present from the past, the rising sun cherry blossom that steals your breath ...

In a thicket before you know it ...

The princess is possessed ...

The sacred sword knocks at the door ...

The surprise when it opens ...

(Ta da! Ta da! -e) Charge!

(Well -s)(And then -e) ...

Episode 5 - Prophetic Vision (for Fear of a Direct Hit)

To begin (with -s), the main point of concern is moving northward in the Izu Peninsula.

The moonlight disappears like a dew drop.

A shadow of a shadow.

Being called here and there, where will the (golden -e) shoes (of gold -s) go?

May tomorrow's weather be good.

(Well -s)(And then -e) ...

Episode 6 - Prophetic Vision (for MHz)

To begin (with -s), if you strain (both of -e) your ears, the words of the sage will reach you some where between intuition and science.

If you look around, tracing the fox's path back and forth,

It's an ocean of cluster-amaryllises.

Welcome, master detective.

Here's (some -s) warm hospitality.

(Well -s)(And then -e) ...

Episode 7 - Prophetic Vision (for Happy Family Planning)

To begin (with -s), the animal trail that goes (far -e) beyond the one who can follow (it -s) is the Holy Warrior.

A seagull, a zebra and a winter bee, there are no shadows of them wandering from place to place.

Sitting in a happy cirlce (around a brazier -s).

Even dead branches add to the mountain scenery.

Why do the crows caw?

(Well -s)(And then -e) ...

Episode 8 - Prophetic Vision (for ETC)

To begin, figures pop out from a crane's beak.

A sweet fish (jumps and goes crash with -s)(crashes into -e) fish meatballs.

A dancing reed (is in love with -s)(loves -e) the notion of love.

A buzzing horsefly breaks out in a nervous sweat.

An ant rubs its eyes in disbelief.

And the book written by (a duck with leeks on its back -s)(the leek-laden duck -e) is a sorrowful-ending caricature of beasts and birds.

And then ...

Episode 9 - Prophetic Vision (for Mellow Maromi)

To begin, by the twist of the passage of time, the King of Azuchi takes the command.

(And -s) a monkey entertains a fox.

(Healing patches the pieces of -s)(While the healing process spins -e) a dream.

Flames break out left and right.

A falcon runs and runs, holding it in his arms.

Who's plotting the Honnoji Incident?

And then ...

Episode 10 - Prophetic Vision (for No Entry)

To begin, (a rumor that is going around -s)(hearing the rumor that was told second hand, -e) of what has become of the golden shoes(. -s)(, that no longer have a place in the world, -e)

A pair of defeated wild boars face each other (who no longer have a place in the world -s).

A labyrinth from which once entered, no one can return.

A beckoning dog stands in his native land.

Healing, (bamboozled -s)(hoodwinked -e), a beauty all its own.

And then ...

Episode 11 - Prophetic Vision (for Radar Man)

To begin, a unicron (is -s) fighting ferociously.

Guided by the crowd of (swarming -e) dolls and the the voice of the (wise old -e) sage.

(He -s) obtains an ancient sword at the base of the moon, and now (, moves -e) on to Pegasus.

(Who called -s)(Did someone call for -e) the Holy Warrior?

But she was such a good (little -e) child.

(Well -s)(And then -e) ...

Episode 12 - Prophetic Vision (for The Final Episode)

To begin, (the black shadow finally appears, swallowing up -e) the karma of the people(, swallowed up by the jet-black shadow that finally reveals itself -s).

The cries coming from the source(. -s)(, -e)

A purgatory filled with bright red blood.

Are they for the eternal goodbye?

Or the first cries of (the -e) newly-born shoes of gold?

The (final -s)(last -e) episode of a dream, an illusion, a bubble and a shadow.


Episode 13 - Prophetic Vision

To begin, the story that seems to have ended, (went round and round and back to its beginning -s)(spins back to the place where it began -e).

Following each stepping stone and connecting the dots, you (will -s) find (an eternally recurring phantasmal castle -s)(the eternal castle of recurring dreams -e).

No mystery remains unsolved forever.

And no answer is (ever -s) without (a -s) mystery.

Well, then, we bid you farewell.


2007.09.23: Added Episodes 1 - 4. Added Episode 5.

2007.09.24: Added Episodes 6 and 7.

2007.09.27: Added Episodes 8 - 10.

2007.09.30: Added Episodes 11 - 13.