Over 10,000 digital photos taken

Yesterday afternoon I took digital photo number 10,000.

Between the three digital cameras that I've owned (and excluding the one that I borrowed from my sister, which was a gift from her friend Char), I've taken the following.

From April 6 2005 to May 9 2007, I took 2924 photos with a Canon 300D (Digital Rebel).

From May 18 2007 to March 29 2008, I took 6447 photos with a Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D).

From February 2 2008 to March 29 2008, I took 776 photos with a Casio EX-Z1200.

They say that your first 10,000 photos are your worst, and since I was only able to pick out a little more than 600 that I thought would be good enough to sell, I do hope that that's true.