On New York

This article contains my own opinionated opinion only.

Why do most crime dramas take place in New York?

Why does New York, along with Hollywood, think that they are the center of the United States?

Of all the states and cities, New York is probably the most ego-centric, after all, how many cities share the name of the state that they are in? (Low-blow.)

What follows is more questions, than answers, that stem from my thoughts on New York.


On local stations, most morning news shows take place in New York. Amongst other stories, weather is one of the features of these shows.

It seems that whenever a large weather system takes place, those that impact New York seem to take center stage.

Local events

Along with weather, local New York events seem too to take center stage during newscasts.

Perhaps this is because New York is a gritty place, but perhaps it's just easier.


I don't believe there's any denying that New York is a difficult place to live in, or at least that's what New York wants us to believe. Muggings, murders, and rape, put aside only with the Towers fell, which, even New York stated, brought some level of peace to this city, albeit short-lived peace.

Competition with Hollywood

Tying in with crime, Hollywood and New York have a deep competition with each other. So many shows and movies take place in New York, but almost all of them deal with crime and hatred. Based on the fact that New York seems to celebrate these shows and movies, we get the impression that New York itself thrives upon this state of affairs.

What do you think?

I've stated what I think of New York, based upon what the media and New York suggests to me. Am I wrong? Am I partially right? Am I absolutely correct? (Yes, I realize I'm reaching with that last one.)

Let me know what you think.