New Log Parser Plus Web site design

My Web site on Microsoft Log Parser gets a fair amount of monthly traffic, but I've never really been happy with the design, which has been in place since I created the site back in September of 2008.

While I was fully intending on updating the site last week (as well as doing a slew of other productive things), I finally did so this morning.

Design 1 initial design

Design 2 second (current) design

Overall, I'd say that's a positive change, for a non-designer such as myself. It's also the first of at least eight changes I'll be making to the site, in an attempt to increase traffic.

In addition to the new design I upgraded to jQuery 1.6.1, from jQuery 1.5.2, and am now using NuGet to manage that, and also put in place the async Google Analytics code, amongst other, behind-the-scenes, changes.

Now I just have to redesign my professional site, although realistically I'll probably add the new functionality I've been wanting to add first ...