New attack options for Battleship

  • January 20, 2009
  • James Skemp
  • article

To some extent, the game Battleship is fairly out of date. With today's technology, are we really calling attacks on individual areas at a time?

For this reason, I put forward the following attack additions.

Requirements are for the player using these attacks.

Tactical Strike

Requires an undamaged submarine.

Give up one turn. If, on the next turn, your submarine is still unharmed, attack a 3x3 grid on the opposing player.

Can only be used once per game.


Requires an undamaged ship.

Remove your ship from the board and give up your turn. On the next turn show the ship to the opposing player, and give up your turn. During these turns your ship can take no damage. On the third turn sacrifice your undamaged ship to sink the same ship of the opposing player.

Can be used as long as you have an undamaged ship. If you sacrifice your last ship and the opposing player has only the same ship left, and it is damaged, the game is considered a tie. Otherwise the opposing player is considered the winner.

Carpet Bombing

Requires an undamaged battleship.

Give up a turn. On the next turn you can attack any 1x7 grid of the opposing player (horizontal or vertical only).

Can be used twice per game.

Divine Intervention

Requires all ships to be damaged or sunk.

Instead of attacking, bring your hand to your forehead and say 'In the name of the father.' On your next turn, instead of attacking, bring your hand to your chest and say 'and the son.' On your next turn, instead of attacking, bring your hand to your left breast and say 'and the holy.' On your next turn, bring your hand to your right breast and say 'spirit.' All ships, on both sides, are considered sunk. If your last ship is sunk at any time before this Divine Intervention is considered to have failed.

Is it worth pointing out? Can be used once per game.

In case you're curious, this came about while I was thinking about find and replaces. Id est, search and destory missions (even if the replace is an addition, I still consider it a destroy …).