My new television, the Sony Bravia

Today I purchased a new television, to replace my tried-and-true Philips 20". After a couple of months of research, and etcetera, I decided to go with a Sony Bravia.

Since my previous television was a 20", purchased back during my sophmore or junior year of college, and still using 'tube' technology, I figured it was time to upgrade, especially since I've been watching more movies via Netflix, and am planning on purchasing one of the current next-gen video game systems (P3 or 360).

For me, there was no question between plasma, projection, and LCD. I also definitely had to have widescreen (not that you can't get much of anything else with LCD).

I had to choose between the 26" and the 32", and because the price difference was only $100 - $700 versus $800, at least at Best Buy this week - I went with the 32" (the KDL-32M3000).

I purchased an RCA antenna back in 2005, when I was living downtown, and have been using it with my televisions since. After plugging it into my new tv, I was able to get both standard analog channels, as well as a number of digital channels.

However, I did have to spend some time messing with the antenna to get both Fox 47 and NBC 15 at the 'same' time (id est, with the same settings).

I'll post more about this television as I use it, but I'm pretty happy after a couple of hours of use. My first movie on the television? Breakfast at Tiffany's. My first full show? That 70s Show, interestingly enough (not much else on at 5 on a Saturday afternoon).

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