My first, working, piece of jQuery

This is the first piece of jQuery that I wrote, for production use, that works exactly as I'd like it to. Some code has been changed.

try {
            .append('Logged in as: <span><cfoutput>#query.displayName#</cfoutput></span> <span><a href="">logout</a></span>')
            .after('<span>Hello<cfif IsDefined("query.first_name") AND Trim(query.first_name) NEQ "">, <cfoutput>#query.first_name#</cfoutput></cfif></span>');
} catch (ex) {}

It's for a site that runs ColdFusion, hence the CF tags.

Basically it finds the div with an id of headerLogin and adds to that a new div, with a class and some text. Then additional text is added to that new div.

Pretty simple, but ...