My first video to Google Video?

It's not yet available via Google Video, but once I found out how it is available, I'll post the link/video here.

If you have any comments or recommendations about what video tutorials I should create, let me know.

EDIT: Wow. That was quick. After supplying title information, it's already Live. Note that the title and date will update at some point, since I just supplied the necessary information. Because the file was over 100 MB, I needed to use the Google Video Uploader to send my video. It looks like they've decreased the resolution, but it doesn't look too bad at all at double size.

Here's the link: Creating snippets in Dreamweaver 8 (Windows)

Last edit: the 'necessary' comments ... Grr.

Video created with the help of the free CamStudio 2.0. You can download a copy at

Again, this is Dreamweaver 8, running on Windows XP SP2.

The skin on my windows is 5imple Alpha, by danilloOc (via WindowBlinds 5). The nice blue matches my site's scheme :D ;)

I'm using some nice Labtec headphones for the audio portions, but it's being recorded via CamStudio.

Original size: 640x480.
Created: September 24, 2006.