My first job offer email

It's definitely a form email, with some major spacing issue. However, the email itself is pretty concise and to the point.

ColdFusion development, in California. I like the first line, "It is time to come out and join the rest of the people escaping the cold." but they clearly don't know me. If anything, I'll move further north :D

Thankfully, I'm pretty happy where I am now, although it looks like I'll be pulling in a deal of extra hours this week. But, our new Producer is pretty on-the-ball, so I'm confident I'll be stepping into my new responsibilities almost completely within a month or two.

Best of all, I had two packages and another mailer by my door when I finally made it home tonight. Unfortunately, I got home late enough, and will be going in early enough tomorrow, that I won't be able to do much more than watch this Nova (?) special on samurai swords, followed by House, followed by plenty of sleep. Thankfully, my headache is finally going away, but I forgot my USB drive at work, which means I can't download and do a quick parse of the logs for today, tomorrow ...