Music Recommendations Please! - version 0.4.5 beta released

An updated version of this application was released. Download and find out more about version 0.5.

The one problem I have with music is when I try to find new music that I may like. Luckily there’s a number of services that will provide recommendations, but these are typically only based on one artist, or across my entire library (in the case of the iTunes Genius service).

To make this a bit easier, I looked at’s Web services as well as Yahoo! Music’s Web services. After some playing around, I’ve had a couple working versions of a simple application that allows for artists to be found, based upon either one or more artists.

Introducing Music Recommendations Please! This beta version will change significantly as I work towards version 1.0, but it’s a nice proof of concept. In fact, this may end up being a Web application … but I’d also like to be able to tie it into the output from iTunes Playlists to Xml, so who knows. I suppose it’s easy enough to do both.

This application requires .NET Framework 3.5 (check your version of the .NET Framework), an active Internet connection, and that should be it. Extract the contents to a directory, or just open the executable from the zip file, to begin.

Download Music Recommendations Please! version 0.4.5 beta.

If you have any suggestions on publically available APIs that I can use, please post them below.