Movie review: Bowling for Columbine (2002)

Overall, I thought the movie was pretty good, and it moved in a direction I wasn't altogether expecting (which was also the case with Fahrenheit 9/11). As with his later film, he pulls in his own state of Michigan, and makes sure to be an emotional element, or more, to his film. Interviews and statistics follow, but they say that the editor is king, and that's quite true.

Not to knock the film, of course, since it brings up a number of very good questions. Just why is America so afraid? Does it come from the WASP's fear of different people, of other WASPs, and of themselves? If the number of guns is not the difference, what else could it be? The environment, the media, the schools, the government, ... ?

Unfortunately, we're never given an answer, which is why I do enjoy his films. For instead of an answer, we're given questions that we're left to ponder within ourselves and with each other.

As with Fahrenheit 9/11, I don't know that I would watch this movie again. Documentaries are nice to watch, but it's something that you pick up what you pick up the first time you watch it, and then don't really need to watch it again. Nonetheless, I give Bowling for Columbine four stars.

Rated: R
2 hr

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