Log Parser Plus June/July 2011 plans

Somehow, while I wasn't looking, the Log Parser Plus Web site has grown to what I consider a nice size over the last handful of months.

As the Log Parser Plus Web site moves towards 2000 visits a month I'll be making a number of changes in an attempt to make it even more useful.

Some changes I've already made:

  1. Implemented a new design.
  2. Added login functionality.
  3. Added ELMAH support. (Administrative)

My current plan with item number 2 is to potentially tie in OpenID functionality so that individuals can easily submit their own examples.

Additional changes planned for the coming weeks/months:

  1. Migrate from XML sources to SQL. (Administrative)
  2. Add information about XML parsing.
  3. Add information about parsing text documents.
  4. Add information about running SQL from a file instead of via the command line (my preferred way to run queries).
  5. Add functionality for users to comment on individual examples. (May not happen, since I'm not sure about demand.)
  6. Add functionality to export queries to files, which goes along with item 4.
  7. Review of the Log Parser book. (Having only skimmed it, this would be after I sat down and read it.)

Have an idea about something else? I've just added a page to collect feedback on Log Parser Plus.