List of TODOs for July 2009

I may get to some of these early, but here's a listing of things that I'd like to get done in July 2009. For the most part, they are technical things.

Speed-up my iTunes Playlists to Xml application. The generation of the Xml output takes longer than I would like, and if a DataTable makes sense, it would be worth caching the playlist so clicking on the playlist again doesn't cause another, slow, load. Xml generation also shouldn't freeze the entire application. It seems a BackgroundWorker will resolve this issue.

7/4/2009: iTunes Playlists to Xml 1.3 has been released, and resolves the apparent freezing of the application, during Xml generation.

Have a beta version of Log Parser Plus available for download. (Not completely equal to the site, but it does use the same base application.)

Continue working on the iTunes Sync application (ratings and play count).

Continue working on the iTunes wrapper.

Or, instead of the last two, work on a way to manually update ratings and (more importantly, since it can't be done inside iTunes) play counts via an application.

Work on a new XSLT from the iTunes Playlists to Xml application, one that uses jQuery (?) for sorting, and would allow for both grouping by album, artist, and or song.

Look into whether it's possible to extend the iTunes application (for that play count updater).

7/4/2009: Doesn't appear to be possible, at this point, based on a number of searches on Google.

Get two virtual machines, one with SQL and one without, setup and running so they can communicate, and then document how I did it.

Document how to work with the Log Parser DLL.

Document how to work with iTunes from C#, using the simple example of an application that shows the currently playing song, and allows you to see what played, as well as what's next. Version information is very easy to pull out as well ...

Install CollabNet Subversion on a Windows Server 2003 (supported) and/or Windows Server 2008 (not supported?), and document the process. Probably won't be able to work with it at work this year, but ... maybe I'll setup a virtual server and use that for all my Subversion needs (putting it on a new or existing HP Pocket Media Drive).

7/3/2009: Installing CollabNet Subversion Server 1.6.3 and TortoiseSVN 1.6.3 on Windows Server 2003

Most of these will stretch into August, September, and etcetera, but ... there's nothing wrong with having goals.