Keyboard shortcuts for Visual Studio that mimic Dreamweaver

I like Dreamweaver. After Notepad, and various other apps like it, I used FrontPage, was scarred, and was saved by Dreamweaver.

However, Dreamweaver can't handle .NET files very well. So when I moved to Windows and started using BlogEngine.NET I naturally started looking at how I could edit the source files.

Visual Web Developer 2005 had been released, so ...

Skipping forward, I'm starting to work with Visual Studio more and more.

However, I've been using Dreamweaver so long that I've gotten used to the shortcuts that I use on a regular basis.

Ctrl + Shift + P = new paragraph

Ctrl + 1 (through 6) = new h1 (through h6)

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem that you can map these to keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio.

Grr ...

Does anyone out there know how to map these specific functions?