James Skemp's BlogEngine.NET themes

The following is a list of links to posts regarding themes I have worked on for BlogEngine.NET, and that are available for use. (Themes I've worked on for others are not included here.) Listed alphabetically.

As I'm not a designer, I typically use open source designs, such as those from Open Source Web Design, Open Design CommunityOpen Web Design (please post a link if you know of more).

If you have a design that you would like me to convert to BlogEngine.NET, whether it be your own or another's (if you have permission), please just let me know!

Likewise, if you need help working on your own theme, let me know!

Comments/etcetera appreciated.

Update 2/20/2010: Comments are now disabled for this post, due to spam, but feel free to contact me personally via email in regards to any of the above.