iTunes Playlists to Xml - version 1.4.1 released

This application has since been updated. Read about the current version of iTunes Playlists to Xml.

Version 1.4.1 of iTunes Playlists to Xml is now available for download.

Download iTunes Playlists to Xml 1.4.1.

Installing and more information

If you're new to iTunes Playlists to Xml, I've created a 'product page' for iTunes Playlists to Xml with all the information needed to get started.


To upgrade from version 1.4 you simply need to replace the iTunesPlaylistsToXml.exe file with the one in the above archive. You should not need to update your configuration.

Changes from version 1.4

Version 1.4.1 of iTunes Playlists to Xml features a minor tweak to Xml creation process. Testing against my current 6876 track library, processing time from start to finish changed from 48 seconds to 45 seconds. I'll be continuing to look at how I can decrease this time even further, for those individuals with larger libraries.

No other changes have been made, but a new transformation is available for download at the program page. It displays artists, albums, and genres only, and is not part of the standard 1.4.1 download.


As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated.