iTunes Playlists to Xml - version 1.3 released

This application has since been updated. Read about the current version of iTunes Playlists to Xml.

Version 1.3 of iTunes Playlists to Xml is now available for download.

Download iTunes Playlists to Xml 1.3.

What it does

While iTunes has an Xml export option, it will export only those tracks from your computer, doesn’t allow you to choose what data to export (unless you play with the view), uses a bulky Xml format, and won’t export from other sources (like iPods).

iTunes Playlists to Xml will allow you to generate a compact Xml file from any source’s playlists (including the entire Music ‘playlist’), with a large number of available properties (Artist, track Name, Played Count, Rating, etcetera).


iTunes Playlists to Xml requires Windows XP or later, .NET Framework 2.0 or later, and iTunes 8.x or later (but may work on earlier versions).


To install iTunes Playlists to Xml you just need to extract the contents of the above zip.

Running requires iTunes to be running at the same time (if it’s not running it will start be started by this application).

Once the iTunes Playlists to Xml has started you can configure output settings by selecting Settings > Configure from the menu.


This update changes the name of the executable from iTunesApplication.exe to iTunesPlaylistsToXml.exe. Therefore, if upgrading from a previous version, your previous settings will not carryover to version 1.3.

When starting iTunes Playlists to Xml for the first time, please remember to configure your output settings by selecting Settings > Configure from the menu.


iTunes Playlists to Xml features the following changes in version 1.3:

  • When generating Xml for a playlist the interface should no longer appear to freeze.
  • When generating Xml for a playlist you can cancel the generation by selecting Cancel processing from the menu.
  • The configuration settings now includes the ability to change the XSLT that is used for the Xml generation.
    • As time goes by, additional XSLTs will be included in the zip and/or will be available for download.


Comments and suggestions are appreciated.