iTunes Playlists to Xml - version 0.3b released

This application has since been updated. Read about the current version of iTunes Playlists to Xml.

Having just released version 0.2b of iTunes Playlists to Xml, I’ve done some updates, bringing it up to version 0.3b.

This release fixes all of the known issues, from version 0.2b.

There are no known issues with version 0.3b.

Download iTunes Playlists to Xml - version 0.3b.

iTunes Playlists to Xml requires .NET Framework 2.0 or higher, and has been tested on Windows XP Home SP3, and Windows Vista Ultimate SP1.

I’ve created an XSLT, available online separately, that you can either use, as-is or after modification, to display your playlists on your own site.

This release offers some customization, used by the XSLT, but a future version should include the ability to select the fields you want output. A schema against which to validate should also be contained in the next release.

Comments are extremely welcomed.