iTunes Playlists to Xml - version 0.2b released

This application has since been updated. Read about the current version of iTunes Playlists to Xml.

Previously I discussed an iTunes application that I was working on, in C#. That application has been fixed up a bit, and is now available for download.

Download iTunes Playlists to Xml - version 0.2b.

To run the application extract the contents of the zip to a directory. Then open iTunesApplication.exe. If iTunes is not running, it will start before this application does.

Once it’s started you’ll see a listing of available sources (computer and iPod only), as well as a listing of all playlists for the selected source.

Clicking on a playlist will generate Xml output, for use elsewhere.

Known issues

If you start this application and then plug in an iPod, that new source (the iPod) won’t be available until the application restarts.

There’s no progress indicator when you select a playlist.

Generating the Xml output can be a bit slow (but I’m not sure that this is something I can resolve).

‘Foreign’ characters are not escaped correctly.

Future features

The ability to select what items you want in the Xml output.

A schema by which to validate the Xml contents.

A stylesheet that can be used for basic styling of Xml output.