iTunes Music to SQLite - version 0.1 beta released

While it was at the same stage as it is now back on the 19th, I'm finally releasing the beta version of iTunes Music to SQLite.

This console application finds all Music playlists in iTunes and imports them into a SQLite database (called iTunesMusic.s3db).

You can change this by passing the database and source names as parameters.

For example:

iTunesMusicToSQLite.exe "datum.db" "James Skemp's 80 gig"

You can run the executable and it will prompt for a key press before exiting, in case you want to view any messages.

This is a beta version, and was done more as a proof of concept than anything else, so this may be the only version released.

Download iTunes Music to SQLite 0.1.

.NET Framework 3.5 is recommended, and may be required (check your version of .NET Framework).