Installing Python on a local Windows-based, Apache, server

In this article, we'll be installing Python on our local server via ActiveState's ActivePython. You can download the current version of ActivePython (, as well as a select number of previous versions, from

Since we're installing to Windows, download the 18.7 MB Windows (x86) MSI file (ActivePython-

Once we've download the file, open it. Read and accept the license, and on the next screen, leave the installed settings along, but change the Install to from C:\Python24\ to C:\usr\bin\python\. Finally, Install.

To test the installation, open Notepad and enter the following lines:

print "Hello world"

Next, save this file at c:\ Now, open the Command Prompt (Start > Run > cmd) and type in the following.

python c:\

You can also just type python to see version information. Press Ctrl + Z to exit python (if you just typed python) and exit to exit the command prompt.

Congrats. With that, you've successfully installed ActivePython to your machine!

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