I own an Xbox 360

So I did it.

Back on November 17 2007 I purchased a Playstation 3. I had debated, back and forth, the purchase of that versus the Xbox 360.

At the time the Xbox was having quite a few issues, including overheating, power block malfunctions, and the wonderful RROD.

However, as time has gone by, the number of complaints has gone down. Some say that the issues are basically resolved, and you just need to find newer systems.

What I can tell you is I spent the $39.99 for the extended warranty from Best Buy, and I only purchased the Pro 'edition' (while I really wanted the black one, I couldn't justify the extra $100). I realize that I'll probably have issues with it at some point, but the Playstation 3 just isn't pumping out the good games as fast as it can.

So, I'm back to a state that I haven't been in since the N64 was still about; I'm a two console man.

There's a couple of things that I don't know that I care for with the Xbox 360.

  1. Everything seems really large. There's a huge power brick, there's huge plugs. The controller seems excessive ... WTF?
  2. Batteries for the controller? Really? I'm spoiled by my Playstation 3 in this regard; plug it into the machine using a standard USB cable to charge it and that's it.
  3. The fan is loud. However, it runs pretty cool (to the touch, that is).
  4. Loud disc reads. Could be because it's vertical, but it just seems kind of loud.
  5. 30 minutes to start playing (on initial setup). I also kind of wanted to hold off on activating the Gold membership trial until this weekend, but, whatever, I guess it's okay.

Otherwise, I'm pretty happy thus far. Still getting used to the controller, but ... a good purchase.

I am glad I purchased my PS3 first, however. Besides, now when my system has to go in for repair I can still game.

As before, I'm still updating my XML file with my game purchases. Although I'll probably work on moving it to an ASP.NET page eventually ...

Update 12/07/2008: My official profile.