How to backup Playstation 2 memory cards?

For the original Playstation, I ended up purchasing an InterAct DexDrive off of eBay. I was able to backup all of my Playstation memory cards right to my computer. I think the only downside was that I had to find a computer with a floppy drive (of which I had and have many still laying about) so that I could install the software. Other than that, I've still got to go through my discs to determine what cards contain what saves - minor issues.

I purchased the DexDrive a number of years after the Playstation 2 was out, it looks like at some point in 2005. Unfortunately, there's no clear winner on how to backup Playstation 2 memory cards yet. What I'd really like is something like the DexDrive.

Basically, you plugged the DexDrive into your computer. You then plugged a PS memory card into the DexDrive and started up some software that came with the DexDrive. Once the software loaded, you could backup whole memory cards, as well as move saves from your computer to the memory card.

The Playstation 2 has some unofficial ways to do this, and the one that I'm looking at is the Code Breaker. GameStop has what appears to be version 9.0 available (at least, according to their site), and there's some pretty good reviews about the product. Since I'd hate to test this out on an almost full memory card, I'd need to purchase a third memory card, copy some save data over to it, and then use the Code Breaker to backup the card.

After a memory card and the Code Breaker ($25 and $20, respectively) I'm looking at $45 ... That's pretty much Kingdom Hearts 2, which would be pretty nice to have. But, since I don't have enough space on my current memory cards to save much more data ...

Truly a dilemma. I'll have to buy another memory card anyways, it's just a question of whether or not I also purchase the Code Breaker ... Perhaps Sam's Club will have one? I need to get some food today anyways ...