How GameStop can become exceptional

I was recently asked to complete a survey after a purchase from a local GameStop.  When asked how GameStop could be exceptional, I replied with the following:

Being able to try out games before we make a purchase?

I like the fact that I can read the game manual before I buy a game - one of the reasons I find myself making impulse buys when I go to GameStop. However, sometimes the manual is lacking, and it would be nice to be able to try a game out (here assuming that it's used).

Most of the things I purchase are PlayStation 2 games, some new, some used. I think it would be easy enough to have a PS2 up that we could try out for a bit near the registers …  It's seldom that busy, when I go, that we couldn't have a go at 10-15 minutes of game play.

Yet, I have found that associates generally know a thing or two about the games; and if you ask, they'll gladly give you some tips on your purchase.