Gmail accounts - and Gmail-Talk interaction thoughts

  • February 15, 2006
  • James Skemp
  • Internet

Secondly, I really like the revisions Google has done to Gmail. When I first read they would be working their messenger into Gmail, I was a little sceptical - after all, I was a Notifier user until they recommended the update to Talk, and I use Talk for the mail notification feature - not because I want to waste (sorry, in one sense it is a waste, but the interaction usually isn't a waste - just the thought that I could have done something productive, instead of interactive) my time chatting.

However, the improvements don't take away from Talk at all - rather they expand upon them. If I'm away from my computer, but need to call up a conversation I had with someone the night before, that usually would mean that I'd have to wait, or hope that I can some how connect to my computer. With Gmail's new features, I can get my chat logs right from the Internet.

We're certainly moving towards an online desktop ...


No, I haven't forgotten about writing about getting Apache and the rest running on a computer. I've successfully removed most of the software from my current machine so I can do a fresh walkthrough. Went for sushi tonight, so the night was shot. Then I watched Photographic Workflow with Vincent Versace (a free Digital Innovator DVD I received after purchasing my Wacom Graphire and filling out a survey), after it having sat on my desk for over a month unwatched. I'm glad I held off, actually, since there's some really great tips that I otherwise would have wasted my time trying to use :D

This weekend, at the latest, I'll work through installing Apache, at the very least.

Before that, it's been six weeks since the new year - have you defragmented your hard drive this year? With a newer operating system, it really isn't that bad.