Ghost in the Shell - Scene 6: Simultaneous Reality & Fantasy

[6 Simultaneous Reality & Fantasy]

(We see the garbage man from before, who was making the calls. He looks dazed.)

What do you mean, a "virtual experience?"

I mean your wife, your daughter, the divorce, the affair, they're all fake memories. Like a dream. Someone was using you to ghost-hack a government official.

No... That's impossible!

I've been to your apartment.

No one's there. It's a one-room apartment.

Yeah, I moved there when we split up--

You've been living there for ten years!

You have no wife, no child. Your family exists only in your mind.

Look. This is the picture you showed to your partner. Who is it of?

But, she was there. My daughter... Smiling like an angel...

What's your daughter's name? Where did you meet your wife, and when? How many years ago did you get married? Who do you see in the picture?

How do I get rid of these fake memories?

I'm sorry. With our current technology... There've been two successful deprogrammings but I can't recommend it to you. I'm really sorry.

Virtual experiences, dreams... All data that exists is both reality and fantasy. Whichever it is, the data a person collects in a lifetime is a tiny bit compared to the whole.


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