Ghost in the Shell - Scene 5: Only a Puppet

[5 Only a Puppet]

(A helicopter lands in a yeard. Police, and Aramaki, are standing outside that yard, in the trees.)

We'll rush the place once the guys in the helicopter are inside. Squad B goes around back, the rest of you take the front. Saito, have your men pull the plugs on all their cars.

Begin recording.

Message from HQ, sir.

We've ID'ed the guy the Major collared.

Go on.

Tsuan Gen Fang. Age: 28. Illegal alien. Weapons violations. Three priors. Was hiding out with a militant refugee group up till a month ago. One week ago, because of his record he was contacted by a military liason in the Gavel embassy to attack the secret talks we would be having with them.

And the real story?

Nickname: Corgi. Occupation: a rather violent scrap dealer. Guess you could call him a thug. We've checked the records the local cops have on him but we can't find any connection with Gavel. Another puppet from our friend the Puppet Master.

And what about Ishikawa?

He's back. He's with Togusa, talking to that poor trash man.

So, what about the Puppet Master on your end?

How's he look to you?

Like a puppet himself...

Squad B, in position.

Squads A and C, ready!

Ready to move in, sir.

Move in.


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