Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Scene 8: The Store

[8 The Store]

(Note: One of the coolest scenes in the movie.)

(Batou walks into the store, and heads towards the back.)

(A voice in his head.) "You're in the kill zone."


"Don't tamper with the settings on that new arm of yours. The operating system upgrades can conflict with the weapon-control, rendering it entirely useless."

"Then you'll just have to reformat the thing. Hey, where are the remains of my old arm?"

"Don't even think about it. Not much left. The organic components in this one match your DNA."

"I suppose that, with enough use, it'll feel like my own."

"Ouch. Hey, just hold on."

"The fact that you carried him here means that ..."

"Yeah. I broke into your little love nest. I just couldn't stomach the thought of him moaning with hunger, covered in shit, waiting for you. Believe it or not, I'm a dog lover."

"But I'm the one that took him in for the night. My daughter's in heaven and my wife's fuming over her dirty carpets."

"When did you start tailing me?"

"It's no big deal, man."

"Yes, it is a big deal. You used me as a smokescreen."

"If you had more experience, you would've caught on. Blame it on the boss."

"Is this pooch a clone? Aren't originals outrageously expensive?"

"His was the first line bred by artificial insemination."

"It's hardly your style to let them hack into your brain. And any daily routine just makes you vulnerable to traps. I told you to stick to dry food."

"But he likes the fresh stuff and that's the only store that carries it."

"They had you going berserk, shooting five bullets into your own arm, and nearly blowing away the storeowner."

"He may be nuts, but it's a rare bird that can hack into this guy. Except for the Major."

"And why didn't they make me blow my head off?"

"I think because they want to disgrace you, not wipe you out. First, you barge into a yakuza office, send a dozen men to heaven or the hospital, and that very same day, unload your weapon in a grocery store. So we think either you've gone mad or your e-brain's shot."

"But this was a planned attack. It proves that our case wasn't random."

"We can't pull out. We'd jeopardize the whole point of Section 9."

"That's what the Major'd say. And I've got a message from the boss, too. Stay on it, but no more official Section support until you come up with material proof."

"We'll go to the source then, Locus Solus."

"Nothing preserves secrecy like speed. You're going to the northern frontier immediately."

"Far north?"

"You two can't handle it?"

"Sure, but what about the basset?"

"The idea of a single man in this line of work keeping a dog is preposterous! And of all dogs, you choose a high-maintenance hound. It's not my problem. You guys figure it out!"


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