Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Scene 7: Yakuza Office

[7 Yakuza Office]

"Who the fuck are you?"

"Here to chat with Wakabayashi. Go get him."

"What about, 'Avoid shooting?'"

"I did as best I could. Move out, you're on point. Here comes their back-up."

(Batou disappears.)


"That son of a bitch infiltrated our vision!"

(He takes them out from behind and below.)

"Blame your own cheap shit electronics.

"What's up?"

"Narrow, dark stairs. What's the program?"

"We take turns, I'll lead."

"No, I'll lead. You're so damned big, I can't cover you."

Your little gifts exploded above my head. Even persuming they went off at their most lethal range, you think two grenades are going to off an armored cyborg? You insult me.

"Start by telling me about the dead consignment inspector, then spill your connections to Locus Solus.

"Well, look who's here.

"Bring it on, Crab Man. You and that claw look nasty, but I'm ready.

"Betting on that obvous a move? Moron."

(Batou inserts a device into the nodes at the back of his head. With the moving of a joystick, he can control his head. He rips the plugs out and the man drops.)

"They told me where to find the consignment inspector ... so we whacked him. I'm fresh out of 3 years in the pen. I know jack shit about what the boss was up to with that outfit."

"Still with me, pal?"

"All I could see ... were my wife and daughter's faces."

"That wasn't your wife or daughter. It was the grim reaper."


"I ordered you to conduct an investigation. I never said skip the paperwork and act like vigilantes. I certainly don't recall ordering you to barge into any yakuza office. This isn't the jungle and you're not Special Forces hit men."


"You still pissed off?"

"I am not pissed. And I hate to sound ungrateful to the man who saved my life ... But being your partner is definitely gonna take a toll on me."

"Look it's only the two of us on this case. A half-assed approach just won't cut it. If Locus Solus has anything to hide, they'll come after us."

"So that's why you put on that yakuza gun show."

"Yeah, and if the chief was really pissed, he'd have suspended us. Pull over, will you?"

(Togusa pulls the car over, and they check for pursuing vehicles. It looks like one is found, but Batou gets out anyways.)


(Batou walks into the same store as earlier.)


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