Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Scene 5: Boat House

[5 Boat House]

(A nice house, on the water.)

"You're all alone here?"

"Koga got reacquainted with his dinner and went back with the corpse."

"What a wimp."

"The scene, 22 minutes ago."

(A disk, which Togusa plugs into his neck.)

"You made a rookie deal with this mess?"

"Life's a learning curve."

(Electronically speaking.)

"Here's what we've got. Analysis of victim's brain yields ... Jack Volkerson, age 54. Consignment inspector for Locus Solus. He applied for leave five days ago and vanished. Three days ago, he rented this boathouse.

"The murder weapon, kitchen utensils. Inspection of the area turned up a vehicle license linked to organized crime. We're checking it out.

"Seven credit cards found in jacket, presumably the victim's. Investigating transaction history."

(Batou is walking along a bookcase and spots one book that does not match the others. He pulls it out - it's The Doll by Hans Bellmer - and opens it. He finds a photo of a girl.)

"38 caliber SW Model 2602. Looks like he ran out of time."

"Doubt it would've done him much good."

"'An illegally powerful cyborg,' or maybe a professional faking a psycho."

"969 calling 906, 20 seconds away from the scene, don't touch."

"Not a thing."

"Let's leave this to Forensics.

"907 calling 09. We're handing the scene over to 969."

"09, Roger."

Togusa: "It's my daughter's birthday."

"Family man, huh?"

"I'll drop you off."

Batou: "Wrong direction. Ishikawa?"

"Not headed his way, either."

Batou: "Okay. Daughter's birthday takes priority."

"You're a cheerful bunch."

"The chief showing up at a scene?"

"The corpse is missing parts, that's why."

"The place is all yours. Take your time."

"What's the big deal over a local case?"

"The boss has taken an interest."

"Found it! Divided up in jars in the refrigerator. Heart, liver, kidneys, even the pancreas."

"Conscientious bastard."


(An empty cage, with white feathers at the bottom.)


(Batou walks out of a store, carrying a bag.)

"Fresh dog food, huh? Stick to dry food and he'll last longer."

"I can't feed him that."

"You're teamed up with Togusa? Beats being paired off with a rookie fresh out of training."

"For an ex-detective, he's got his uses. I've got no complaints."

"Except that the only one up to your standards was the Major."

(Ishikawa starts to speak.)

"Cut the chatter, Ishikawa."

(They pull up to a curb, a display says that they are 'All clear'. Batou checks the rear-view and gets out.)


"Batou ..."

"What now?"

"Stick to the dry food. For nutritonal balance, it's better for the dog."

(Batou walks away from the car, but as soon as it pulls away, he changes directions. He walks through an alleyway, to a garage, pulls out a device which turns to 2501, then "Safe", and heads towards a car.)


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