Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Scene 3: Jurisdiction

[3 Jurisdiction]

(A room with a window looking into a forest.)

"Already this week, we've had eight cases of gynoids murdering their masters. After each killing, they self-destruct, electronic brains reformatted. In each case, the model in question is Locus Solus #2052, "Hadaly" type. A prototype developed for testing, they were provided free of charge to contractors. Now, they've recalled all the prototypes. According to their most recent report, they've identified no defects in either software or hardware."

"You get all that?"

"Manufacturer's latest gynoids go berserk, attacking their owners, company panics and recalls every one. They can expect lawsuits by bereaved families, inevitable liability trials and mammoth damage awards. I get it all except why Section 9 is involved."

"You get it? What you call getting it may be just wishful thinking. Right now, Section 9's involved for two reasons.

"First, not one single family has filed a lawsuit. In every case they've settled with Locus Solus out of court.

"Second, the victims included a politician and a retired Public Safety official.

"Because terrorism's a possible motive, it's our job to consider if it's a matter for Section 9.

"Ishikawa and Azuma are getting background on the victims. You two check out the gynoids.

"No questions. Go."



Togusa: "Just for the record, I didn't volunteer for this. There's no way I'll measure up to the Major."

Batou: "That's beside the point."

"I hear she's still listed as missing."

"The Major could only call her brain and her ghost her own. Although even she doubted whether they were real. Her brains and hardware were government property and her entire memory, including the classified information, were part of the deal. The top brass only cares about recovering that memory. Her life is not an issue for them."

"So, where do we start?"

"Locus Solus is located in the nortern frontier. The first step is to check in with local Forensics."


(Police station. It's crowded. They walk back to a desk.)

"You guys ..."

"About the gynoid this guy wasted yesterday ..."

"She cost us two young officers. Don't tell me you want her back?"

"That's part of what we've come to determine."

He sighs. "Forensics is up on 19, a right at the end of the hall. Need a guide?"

"No thanks, we'll skip the tour."

"'Birds never peck at green persimmons, they wait until the fruit is ripe.'"

(Togusa gets angry, but Batou restrains him. Once they walk away, the detective lashes out.) 



"Back when you were a detective, you would've had a choice word or two for guys like us swooping down to horn in on your case."

"That's why it's so irritating. It's like watching my old self."

Batou: "'It is no use to blame the looking glass if your face is askew."

Togusa: "The mirror is not an instrument of enlightenment but of illusion.'" (He seems surprised.)

"Well, neither of us has looks worth staring at in the mirror."


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