Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Scene 17: Control System

[17 Control System]

"'Who can gaze into the mirror without becoming evil? A mirror does not reflect evil, but creates it.'"

"Poetics, now? We're running low on ammo."

"'Thus, a mirror bears a glimpse, but not scrutiny.'"


(Once again, the Major loses some body parts trying to save her life.)

"Hey, isn't that risky?"

"It's just until I shut down the operating system. Plug into the auxiliary inputs in the floor. I have to gain system control or this gynoid's nonfunctional. I'm counting on your 30-caliber arm."

"My brain can control firing, but I've only got one clip left. And I have my doubts about going hand-to-hand with them."

"Here goes!"


"Illegal onboard breach of main system. Onboard? Isolate access point, erect proactive firewall. Multiple camouflage signals identified. No fluctuation in any terminal. It may be an outside access. Terminate all external network links. Physically disengage external inputs. Emergency control system not responding. Diffused viruses coalescing. Breach in system area firewalls. Prepare for system reset. Isolate level 1 data. Multiple illegal access in core system. Our countermeasures can't keep up."


(On clip left, Batou starts firing single shots.)


"We're in control. All external links severed. The ship is totally isolated now."

"We're moving?"

"We're heading south, leaving international waters for sovereign territory. This entire ship will be the material evidence that proves Locus Solus' crime."

"They'll come after us."

"Before they do, we'll have an escort vessel. There. It's already done. And we have the time to examine the Locus Solus technique that infused dolls with souls."

"Haven't you cracked it?"

"You've got a hunch, too. Right?"


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