Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Scene 16: The Ship

[16 The Ship]

(Batou busts into the ship from above.)

"I'm in. Forward the vessel data. Download complete. You got my vision in your sites?"

"Recording now. Wouldn't miss my mentor's assault."

"You're a real smart ass."

"Infiltrator detected. Rebooting level 2 security system. Review status of all onboard e-brains. Scan for matches in memory usage and virus size. It may be a latent virus. Cross monitor. Logical contact with the chief's e-brain denied. Just go ahead and reformat! Rebooting of level 2 security system complete. Create a detour, divert the infiltrator. Rebuild the logic firewall. Load the antibodies. Scanning viruses. Response team, prepare decoys for ambush. Deploy all latent viruses along firewalls. Security wall 014 breached. Error type 280 in security wall 032. Rebuilding level 1 external security wall. Fluctuation in enemy's proactive firewall pattern detected. Transmitting virus."

"Pull out, Togusa. You're in danger. They're onto you. They'll fry your brains!"

"Not yet, a little further."

"You idiot! Don't be crazy."

(Kim is really fried now ... Some Japanese text appears over and over. On 10/16/2006, 'Probably Me' added: “It’s the poem “The Puppet” by Motokiyo Zeami. It’s Kim’s real will and testament, unlike the fake ones before.”)

"Illegal access at Hadaly gynoid final production area. Suspect an unconfirmed latent virus attack. Release all vaccines to thwart. Too late, all systems activated. Cannot establish logical contact. Currently loading combat robotics control software."

"Warning. Abnormality on the THO7 Line. Security team, arm and head for the line, I repeat."

(They are taken out. Batou defends himself as necessary.)

(He's eventually surrounded, with two coming up behind him. The first he takes out, but the second grabs a gun and starts attacking the other gynoids.)

(After clearing the others they turn towards each other.)

Batou: "'Veni sancto spiritus.' Been a while, Major. How shall I address you now?"

"To be precise, it's just a fragment of me downloaded via satellite. This gynoid's e-brain lacks capacity. It can only handle the combat robotics control system. This is the best I can do for facial and vocal expression.

"There should be an emergency access terminal 50 meters down this passage. If we can infiltrate that, we'll take over the whole system."

(Batou gives her his jacket.)

"You haven't changed."

"Move out. You're on point. I'll cover the rear. Just like the old days."


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