Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Scene 15: Undersea

[15 Undersea]

(Batou goes under the water. He grabs onto a dolphin.)

"I've made contact with the escort."


"Diving's risky for a heavy cyborg physique like yours. It's so deep here, if you sank we'd never retrieve you."

"I used to know a cyborg whose hobby was diving. Don't know what got into her."

Alluding here to the first movie.

"I'm helping out because you're a friend of Lin's, but they say no one's come back from that ship alive. Then I don't know what's got into you."

"Exactly. Let's go."

"Hold on!"


"In 12 seconds, we'll trip their sensors. I'll send two seconds of camouflage signal."


"I've routed this thing into the chief of security's e-brain. Initiating synchronization."


(Batou heads towards the sub.)


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