Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Scene 12: Kim's Mansion. Again

[12 Kim's Mansion. Again]

(Continued from the previous chapter.)

"Kim chose to become a complete cyborg. That was his reason. He bounced around between Special Forces and Electronics, and got into black market weapons. His reputation turned to shit. Wound up your garden-variety hacker."

"Sounds like quite a story."

"No matter how far a jackass travels, it won't come back a horse."

(Batou pauses.)

"What's wrong? Lets go."


(Same girl, this time 'a' and 'e' have been moved so that the letters only spell 'maeth'.)

(Togusa:) "Batou!"

(This time a Togusa-like body is in the chair.)

"'The deceased hereby proclaims, that on this day of this month, I have attained my own celebrated death.'"

(Again Batou knocks the chair and body over, and the body begins to make choking noises.)

"Truly disturbing, isn't it? I really understand. The doubt is whether a creature that certainly appears to be alive, really is. Alternatively, the doubt that a lifeless object might actually live. That's why dolls haunt us. They are modeled on humans. They are, in fact, nothing but human. They make us face the terror of being reduced to simple mechanisms and matter. In other words, the fear that, fundamentally, all humans belong to the void."

"Enough. Let's get down to business."

"Further, science, seeking to unlock the secret of life, brought about this terror. The notion that nature is calculable inevitably leads to the conclusion that humans too, are reducible to basic, mechanical parts."

"'The human body is a machine which winds its own springs. It is the living image of perpetual motion.'"

"In this age, the twin technologies of robotics and electronic neurology resurrected the 18th century theory of man as machine. And now that computers have enabled externalized memory, humans have pursued self-mechanization aggressively, to expand the limits of their own functions. Determined to leave behind Darwinian natural selection, this human determination to beat evolutionary odds also reveals the desire to transcend the very quest for perfection that gave it birth. The mirage of life equipped with perfect hardware engendered this nightmare."

Batou: "'God's everlasting geometry.'"

(His head begins moving like a gear towards Togusa. His face breaks open, and Togusa moves his body way from him ...)


(Continued in the next chapter.)

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