Ghost in the Shell - Scene 12: Kusanagi Battles Tank

[12 Kusanagi Battles Tank]

(We switch to Kusanagi following the car via helicopter.)

The flooding's really bad here, even for Old Town in general. Why come here?

They wouldn't have run here without a reason.

Could have a boat or a chopper waiting, or it's an ambush.

Shouldn't we wait for backup?

I can't wait. Come in from seaside and put me above that building.

(Kusanagi drops onto the roof.)

I'll stay here and run com relay as long as my fuel holds out.

If things get hot, I want you out of here, fast!

(She enters the building from the roof. And sees the car. She then sees something above it, and is fired upon.)

Shoot out the ceiling! Now!

(The ceiling is shot out, which reveals a tank.)

It's a tank! Go high and get out!

Hold it! You're gonna take on a tank by yourself?!

Even if we get the Puppet Master back to Section 9 all the chief will do is use him as a bargaining chip. This is my only chance to dive into him!

Hold it, what are you two talking about?

What are you packing?

An M-23 and a Unit B.

You're going up against it with those?!

Sorry, but I have to break contact for a while.

Wait! At least wait till I-- Son of a...!

(Kusanagi gets ready to go up against it.)


Didn't I tell you to get out of here?

Sorry. I'll do it after I tell you this. There are 3 choppers with no IFF signal approaching at high speed. I'm heading out. Over.

You're finally out of ammo?

(She jumps onto the top of the tank, but is unable to open the hatch before her arms break apart. The tank rolls her off and attempts to crush her skull.)

(Batou fires a BFG into the tank, multiple times. The arm drops Kusanagi.)

You're certifiable, you know that? You okay?

What was that?

A big-ass gun I appropriated from the equipment division. I was late getting here because I had to stop and get it. Looks like your brain's still in one piece.

What about the Puppet Master?

Good thing this car's built tough. Not a scratch on him.

Get the dive set up. I'm going in.


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