Ghost in the Shell - Scene 11: Chasing the Target

[11 Chasing the Target]

(We switch back to Kusanagi in the helicopter. We see also the preparations taking place.)


Ishikawa? Well?

I dove the MFA net and found some interesting things for you.

Hold on, let me get a secure channel.

Okay? First, that guy who was with Nakamura. He's an American. Dr. Willis, head of strategic research at Neutron Corp. Top man in the field of A.I. research. Anyway, he was made head of a Foreign Ministry project. And who do you think the project's main programmer was?

Get to the point.

Mizuho Daita. Age: 28. Remember him? He was the guy Section 6 was trying so hard to keep from defecting. The Major had to take out the diplomat who was going to take him. That programmer.


What bothers me is that this project was started a year before the Puppet Master first appeared.

A year? Wasn't the project started to catch him?

Try this on for size. They started the project to chase the Puppet Master, but not to capture him. I think they wanted to get him back. The day before the minister's interpreter was ghost-hacked he said he wanted a good excuse to deport Maless, right? I think we may have been taken for a ride. Suppose the "Puppet Master" is really a program the MFA created to grease the wheels of diplomacy, so to speak. Now suppose, for some reason, they suddenly lost control of it. That would explain why they'd risk assaulting Section 9 to get it back. If the Puppet Master started talking it'd be an international incident. Not one you could solve by having the minister resign.

Any details on the project?

The protection they have only let me get the file's name. Code: 2501.

Keep at it. And don't let them know you're in there.


Project 2501 ... The Puppet Master Project...

Target now contacting another vehicle.


He's stopped at a white sedan on the side of the road. They're transferring something from the back seat. They're moving again. So's that sedan.

A decoy?

Or one meant to look like one. What do I do?

I'll take the white sedan.

How do you know he's in there? Another whisper from your ghost?


I knew she'd say that.


Target 02 leaving highway 25, headed for Old Town.

Target 01 is staying on highway 25, towards the airport. Will contact roadblock in two minutes. Evacuation complete. Traffic is clear 2km behind the target.

Anything between you and him?

Nothing. Ready when you are.

Do it.

(They effectively take out the vehicle.)

Get him?


Jesus, what a mess! Did you have to go that far?

Take them in. And tell the chief to get the Major some backup. See you.

Since when does that Amazon need any backup?


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