Ghost in the Shell - Scene 10: Project 2501

[10 Project 2501]

(In the lab, the body from before is lowered.)

I don't need to remind you that it's treason for you to be hiding something from me, no matter how sensitive.

For both of us.

Whatever the MFA may prefer, this case is in Section 9's jurisdiction. But we wouldn't mind cooperating if there was good reason to.

Dr. Willis?

Confirmed. It's definitely him.


He's referring to the original ghost block within the shell. Its sex remains undetermined, and the use of the term "he" is merely a nickname the good doctor has given it. Perhaps it's time I introduced you. This is the most unique hacker in the history of cyber-brain crime. The Puppet Master.

(We move to a view of Kusanagi watching the proceedings.)

I believe you in Section 9 ran into him in that case involving the ghost-hack on the Foreign Minister's translator. We in Section 6 have been pursuing the Puppet Master with the utmost urgency since he first appeared. We formed a project team around Dr. Willis to analyze all data on the Puppet Master's criminal tendencies and behavior patterns. We then constructed special anti-Puppet Master attack protection to lure him into a secret cyborg body.

You made him dive into a body equipped with a cyber-brain and then had his real body killed?

Yes, exactly. He may have shown up in your back yard but he was born in America. And since we were cooperating with the Americans to catch him we want to take him back ourselves. Surely you've no objections.

Leaving his unidentified corpse to be found somewhere.

(Lights go out.)

There will be no corpse. Because, until now, there never was a body.

The sensors are active! Why didn't you say so?!

We've cut all external controls. It's running on internal power.

I may have entered this cyborg body because I was unable to crack Section 6's attack protection but it was of my own free will that I came here. As an autonomous life-form, I request political asylum.

A life-form?

Ridiculous! You're merely a self-preserving program!

By that argument, I submit the DNA you carry is nothing more than a self-preserving program itself. Life is like a node which is born within the flow of information. As a species of life that carries DNA as its memory system man gains his individuality from the memories he carries. While memories may as well be the same as fantasy it is by these memories that mankind exists. When computers made it possible to externalize memory you should have considered all the implications that held.

Nonsense! No matter what you say you've no proof that you're a life-form!

It is impossible to prove such a thing. Especially since modern science cannot define what life is.

(Aramaki:) Who the devil are you?

Even if you have a ghost, criminals don't get set free! You're mistaken if you think you'll get asylum!

Time is on my side. While there is now the possibility I can be killed this country does not have a death penalty.

Half immortal... An artificial intelligence?

I am not an A.I. My code name is Project 2501. I am a life-form that was born in the sea of information.

(The control panels are shot out and a smoke bomb is deployed.)

Security! Intruders!

(The door is blown out and two figures leave through the smoke.)

Chief, the Puppet Master!

Where's your security?!

Lock defense walls! Security! Security, come in!

(An outside wall is blown out, and two figures go down the wall and get into a waiting car.)

(Togusa is waiting as well, and fires at the car. It's temporarily blocked off, while Togusa fires another, single, round into it.)

All right, I'm moving! Asshole!

Did you do it?

Helluva car. My 9mm didn't even scratch it.

Finally found a use for that Mateba of yours. Okay... Not bad for a rookie.

I got one right in the license plate. Pretty good, huh?

Next time, get two in. Okay, now it starts. Catch up with them before they switch cars.

(We switch back to the lab.)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be filing a formal complaint about what happened! Contact me as soon as you've recaptured him! Alive, preferably. Megatech can always build another body.

(They leave.)

Batou and Togusa are tailing the guys who took the Puppet Master.

(Aramaki is surprised.)

They're on highway 25.

What do you mean?! If you were monitoring this, then why--

If we'd got them here, we'd never prove Section 6's involvement.

Section 6?!

Definitely. They used type-2902 thermoptic camo, like mine. That's only used by us, the rangers in Section 4, and Section 6.

Let's go over this. Section 6 gets the Puppet Master into a body.

But he chooses Megatech Body, which is deeply tied to Section 9. Then, he claims to be a life-form and gets nabbed by Section 6 when he asks for asylum.

But why do that? They could've had him as soon as I took a statement.

But what if they were afraid of what he might have told you?

He did mention something odd, now that I think about it. "Code name: Project 2501."

I'll leave that for you to check. Now, as to the matter of attacking Section 9 and stealing evidence...

You're authorized.

Okay, punch it!

Kusanagi! One more thing!

You can punish me for acting without orders when I get back.

If you can't recover him, I want the Puppet Master destroyed. Without fail.

(He waits.)



Contact the airport and stop any flights due to take on any Foreign Ministry officials or American diplomats. Close the highways and set up roadblocks. Recall our off-duty personnel for this. And get Ishikawa back here! Use the entrance data to find out who the Caucasian with Nakamura was. And search for any sort of MFA project, operation, or anything coded as "Project 2501."

(We switch to a car.)

Any word from the assault team?

They switched cars one minute ago. They'll join up with the decoy in five minutes.

Tell them to watch for a tail.

Yes, sir.

But why did the Puppet Master run over to Section 9?

It was his decision. Probably for reasons we can't even guess at. Perhaps he has a thing for someone over there.



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