Getting the Most of Your InboxDollar$.com Account

A while ago, I wrote an article regarding (also known as, InboxDollar$.com). That article, On InboxDollar$.com, and similar programs, discussed some of the good things about this site and it’s program. However, I feel as though some additional information could be given. Specifically, I feel as though people are afraid to enter into these kinds of sites for a couple of reasons, which I detail, and hopefully dispel, below.

First, people hesitate giving out their email in general, at least after having been spammed by a number of sources. Obviously, if someone is willing to pay you for reading email, that must mean that they’ll have to sell your email to someone in order to make up for the cost.

Since I’ve joined InboxDollars, I have not yet received an unsolicited email from their service. How can I be so sure? Well, I signed up for InboxDollars with a ‘clean’ account – id est, InboxDollars, and, were the only sites that know this particular email address. What this means is that I should only be getting email from them, which I am.

With this, when InboxDollars says that they pay you for reading emails, that means that they pay you for reading their emails. So, if it follows that the only emails that you get from InboxDollars are ones that you will be paid for reading, it means that you’ll only be making money from reading emails that came from this particular signup.

Second, people may think that this is too good to be true. After all, isn’t it a little funny that people are paying people to read emails? This is indeed a huge issue. However, I’d like to break down why it’s not too good to be true.

We must first keep in mind that InboxDollars only sends you emails that it’s going to pay you for reading. When you see ‘read’, or ‘reading’, this really means that you’ll receive an email with a link and some text. You click on this link, in the email, to be sent to the site. Here, you click on another link to go to the sponsor’s site. All in all, depending upon your connection speed, it takes under 30-45 seconds to ‘read’ an email. Sometimes, however, you may ‘read’ the email longer, since there are some interesting deals, which I’ll discuss near the end of this article.

Moving backwards, InboxDollars is only going to send you emails that it pays you for reading. This means that either InboxDollars is going to send you a lot of emails and give you a lot of money, or it’s going to only send you a few. For this service, it’s the latter – InboxDollars is not going to flood your inbox with a number of emails a day. Rather, expect around 4 emails a week. While this appears to be my average, I should point out that it appears that if you don’t ‘read’ emails when you get them (when you let them sit, in other words), InboxDollars sends you fewer emails, and vice versa. However, I’ve not received more than one email a day.

So, while one may think that this is too good to be true, the fact that you do not pick how many emails you receive, and that you can receive no more than one email a day, limits earning potential.

Along with this, I’ve currently read 387 emails, and have earned $12.75 total. This means that I make three cents per email. This means that in order to earn a dollar I have to read 33 emails. Now, since I said that you get no more than one email a day, this means that it will take at least 33 days to get a dollar. In other words, InboxDollars will net you less than a dollar a month. If you’re thinking you’ll get rich with InboxDollars, you’re quite wrong.

Of course, if you include referrals in this, the earning potential increases slightly. I’ve currently got four referrals (whom I thank here – send me an email and let me know your thoughts) that have read 59 emails between them (not too many, but the number of referrals has just recently increased over the last couple of weeks). I’ve earned only nine cents, however, from these 59 emails. In other words, referrals aren’t going to make you rich either. So, this is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, and therefore, especially after hearing the money I’ve made, you’ll note that it’s really not that good.

However, if you got a penny a day (which is less than what you get for InboxDollars), wouldn’t you do less than a minute of ‘work’ to get it? After all, pennies do add up (the $12.75 that I’ve made shows that fairly well).

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, there are cases in which you may want to actually read more into the email you receive. A little while ago, I received an email where I could be credited some amount (over $5) for signing up for Blockbuster Online for free for thirty days. Interestingly enough, I was already thinking about doing this. For the most part, in fact, you can get quite a bit of money (well over what you get per email) for signing up for free offers.

Now, it should be pointed out that free trial offers do have a bad name. They have a bad name, however, because people neglect to cancel the service, if they determine that they do not want to partake in the service. So long as you keep aware of trial periods (I highly suggest you stick to one – pick another after you have made your decision upon the first) you’ll be fairly safe.

InboxDollars also works with a couple of survey sites. While there are a number of survey sites out there that send nothing but spam, there is one, NFO, which is actually quite good. I believe it was through them that I ended up getting two $10 Amazon gift certificates. That’s right – that was a free $20 at Amazon for taking two surveys (picked up some Kahlil Gibran, actually, because Jessica P. had recommended him shortly before I received the certificates).

Besides these points, I can think of no other reason why someone would not want to try out No, you will not make hundreds a year, unless you happen to try out as many extra offers as possible (or play their games, which I have not tried, but which do appear to be popular). No, you will not be flooded with emails, for better or worse. No, you will not be tricked into reading emails that you will not make money from – the only emails you will receive from InboxDollars are from InboxDollars, and will make you money.

So try it out, or send me your thoughts, at [email protected], why InboxDollars isn’t worth at least a try…

And if you were wondering how to get the most out of your account, I’ve spread around the information in the above. But, to be kind, keep the following in mind.

  1. Read your InboxDollars emails when you get them, and make sure you click on the correct links (they are fairly clearly marked – but I&r?quo;ll try to get some screenshots when I get my next email).
  2. Read the emails that they send you to see if anything sparks your interest. If you have a question regarding one of the services, send an email to me and I’ll give you my recommendation, if that helps any. However, if you’re weary of something, just don’t sign up for it – you’ll never be tricked into signing up for anything.
  3. Make sure you’re logged in – use a unique password and just keep yourself logged into
  4. Make sure you receive the emails – you may want to setup a rule (contact me if you’d like help doing this) so that emails from InboxDollars go to a specific folder. This makes sure that you don’t miss any emails, as well as that you keep things fairly clean.


Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your comments J


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