Game Informer's The 30 Characters Who Defined A Decade is an excellent read

Having just received this month's issue of Game Informer I was pleasantly suprised by the article 'The 30 Characters Who Defined A Decade,' contained on pages 46 to 69.

I was particularly surprised to see Elena Fisher on the list, since Nathan Drake was already present, but feel that was an excellent choice. Lost Odyssey doesn't show up as much as I feel it should, so it was great to see Kaim Argonar showing up on the list.

Having the King of All Cosmos was baffling, but welcome at number 30. I was unaware that Auron from Final Fantasy X was such a deep character, and the same for Jade from Beyond Good & Evil.

Finally, Andrew Ryan down all the way at number 8 was rather odd, in my opinion. I feel that had John Marston not been a more recent development, Ryan would have been further up, and Marston further down (although I haven't played Red Dead since I crossed into Mexico a few weeks, or maybe a month, ago).

While I tend to recycle the magazines a short time after I get them, I think I'll definitely be holding onto this one for a little while ...

At the time of this writing, the article is not available online.