Game Informer and the Xbox 360 / Playstation 3 debate

In this world, there's a number of people who get paid for playing video games. I am not one of those people. This is a good reason to trust the people, with a grain of salt, when it comes to said video games.

Recently, I've been trying to decide between an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3, for my next-gen console, since we all know that the Wii isn't next-gen. It weren't for co-workers, my mind would already be made up. After all, I've been a Playstation guy since college, when you either had one or you didn't have a system (save for the odd Dreamcast).

However, all the rage is the Xbox 360, these days. Despite the frequent reports from various, potentially questionable, sources of the Xbox 360 power and hardware issues, it remains above the Playstation 3 in sales, and has recently pulled to the first slot (followed by Wii and PS3) in sales, due in no small part to Halo 3.

Amazingly, since I picked up a subscription of Game Informer (for free, since I consider the GameStop More card to be what I'm really buying), I read a number of pieces, by people who make a living playing video games, about the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. In fact, the November issue (on shelves now) has a comparision piece of the three major consoles. Can they remove the pit in my stomach when I think of purchasing an Xbox 360?

Below, I've quoted Game Informer staff, with information about the date of the publication, regarding both the 360 and the PS3. For the most part, I think the staff of said magazine is pretty free from bias for one system over the other, even though Xbox 360 does show up more often in their magazine.


"There is still time [for the PS3 to get on track to being a serious player in this generation of consoles], mostly because Microsoft has so many red ring of death issues with the 360 ..." - October 2007, pg 12

"Microsoft's console remains the machine of choice for most hardcore gamers at the moment, even if the machine's failure rates are a major frustration." - November 2007, pg 48

"The 360 has some powerful tech in it, but the lack of built in high-definition movie support may make it the wrong choice for some. It has also been plagued by hardware failures. Thankfully a strong warranty offers at least some insurance." - November 2007, pg 48

"The Blu-ray player gives a lot of life to this system, and most agree that its technology is the most forward-looking in terms of delivering high-end graphics." - November 2007, pg 48

"The PS3 is an impressive piece of technology. It runs quiet, it looks great (both the box and the games it delivers), and it's an ideal choice for a movie player in any home theater." - November 2007, pg 48



"A great collection of games ... are the system's [Xbox 360] strong points." - November 2007, pg 48

"For a huge amount of variety, and a spread of titles that appeal to all ages and experience levels, the 360 is a great choice." - November 2007, pg 48

"The PS3 has an excellent selection of games that are also available on the 360, but few of the exclusive titles for the PS3 have been as strong as they could have been." - November 2007, pg 48

"Dozens of smaller original and classic games are available for download on Xbox Live Arcade." - November 2007, pg 48

"While not yet as impressive a library as the 360, the PS3 is rapidly building up a nice collection of downloadable titles that within a few months could give Xbox Live Arcade a run for its money." - November 2007, pg 48 

"On the game side, it [PS3] has yet to prove its superiority over Microsoft's machine ..." - November 2007, pg 48



"... a fantastic online strategy are the system's [Xbox 360] strong points." - November 2007, pg 48

"Of the three major consoles, Microsoft has the most fleshed out online strategy." - November 2007, pg 48

"The 360 doesn't come cheap, especially once you factor in the yearly cost of Xbox Live Gold membership, which you really should spring for if possible." - November 2007, pg 48

"The PS3 is the most expensive system available today. With that said, you are getting ... free online service included with the cost of entry." - November 2007, pg 48

"[Regarding the PS3.] A free online service delivers smooth online play, and this feature will only get better in the coming months with the introduction of Home, a virtual world where you can gather with friends and interact." - November 2007, pg 48