Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (Wii) - leveling and initial thoughts

A little over an hour into Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon I have three levels of information, and some preliminary thoughts.

Leveling information

I'll put this into an XML file at some point, I'm sure, but here are the first three levels.

Level - HP - Base Attack - Experience to next level

1 - 100 - 4 - 1000
2 - 120 - 6 - 3000
3 - 140 - 8 - 6775

I've died once so far, when the third enemy I ran into (see also below) 'snuck' up on me.

Blue ghosts give 100 points of experience, and seem to come back very frequently, so I was tempted to grind out a couple of levels on them. Just left the Subway, and it sounds like I'll probably be going back there soon, so perhaps I will.

Initial thoughts

First, I have a basic Wii remote, so a newer model may work better. But what I've found is that the pointer frequently gets lost, resulting in camera spin and disorientation. Since it was third-person, I thought I wouldn't be impacted by the game, but my stomach and head haven't been feeling too hot (although I do think I'm still fighting something off, and the darkness of the game and weakness of the intial flashlight doesn't help).

The third enemy you run into (the small blue ghosts being what I consider the second) are pretty freaky, reminding me of something I'd see in Persona, or a SMT game.

It's early, but the story already seems a little odd. You follow someone into a Subway and while you can't find them, there's also no way they could have gone anywhere, since every exit but the one you came in is locked ...

It's much too early, though, for any real decisions about the game.

Published by XSEED Games, though, and something I was looking forward to when it was still questionable whether it was coming over to the States, so ...